the humble cupcake



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pink cupcake

who can honestly say with a straight face that they can resist cupcakes? be it chocolate, vanilla or one of those hazelnut, caramel, nougat numbers…they are one of life’s SWEETEST pleasures. we are going to discover some of the most amazing cupcakes and desserts from all around the world and give them the credit the deserve!

cheers, cupcakesandiamonds


“Tea” Cake

Tea for two?

Tea for two?

Not sure how much cuter a cupcake can get, but this one might just “take the cake!”

Who could imagine biting into this beautiful cupcake??? It’s too pretty to eat, we’ll……..maybe not 😉

xo, cupcakesandiamonds

image: pintrest.

harrods of london


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little bite sized sugared love...

little bite sized pieces of love…

if you’ve ever been to london, then you know harrods. the name is synonymous with luxury and high end goods from all over the world. from upscale haute couture to delectable chocolates, they’re are a mecca of all that is divine.  they carry these little treasures of goodness pictured here that are carefully crafted, molded and hand wrapped for your pleasure.

if you’re ready, click the link and you’ll be escorted off to the land of luxury and decadence, but be sure to return back on earth safely…

xo ~ cupcakesandiamonds